Half Pipe Body Type

Download chassis specification HD 5380 T
Download chassis specification HD 5395 TS
Download complete body specification.

Type Half pipe shape for several types of ore
HD 5395 TS HD 5380 T
Volume ± 32m (liquid) 1 ± 27m (liquid)  1
Cilinders Two under body One cilinder front
Canopy Canopy over equipment behind cab / over full cab
Tipping up ± 40sec
Tipping down ± 29sec
Floor Hardox 450 10mm, last 2.500mm from floor 10mm
stabilisor Scissor stabiliser, For maximised stability during tipping
Opening back Rear hatch automated opening with chain 6mm Hardox 450
Rear hatch slides into locks to keep it in place
Color Same as cabin, target payload and volume indicated at the side
Safety Hyfix system to lock body on to chassis in lowered position

Safety body props to be used when service is being applied

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